The actor-creator

From January 2020

At ARTA, the permanent school of the “Actor-creator of the world’s stages”

An intensive six-month or year-long training

Open to artists, students and scholarship holders from France and the whole world
Long-term research and beginner workshops

A practical training based on the discovery and intersection of stage traditions of the whole world, conceived in order to create an actor player and creator, as well as poet, musician and dancer.

Regenerate, explore, transmit: the time to go or return to school…

We wish to reconnect with what was also the driving principle of the European art theatre: to allow for the time to train and do creative researches and have a personal growth, to give actors the tools and methods needed to work autonomously and intertwining different disciplines, to stimulate the birth and growth of collectives, thus multiplying the possibilities to enter the job market of the performative arts.

Training courses to prepare the indispensable terrain of a theatre that needs inventing

We offer the possibility to participate to short-term workshops (30h, 60h, 90h) or to participate to three-months, six-months or nine-months courses, integrating the short-term workshops, the weekly workshops, and the “creuset” programmed in the chosen period: research workshops leading to a final, public performance.

These courses will allow you to

  • Meet experienced artists from the whole world, and learn from them and explore with them;
  • Train weekly;
  • Participate in the “creuset”: collaborative researches aimed at learning how to use new tools and methods while working with a team, walking on a path that will lead to a final transcultural performance merging tradition and modernity, and several different forms of expression.   During the course, the “actor-students of ARTA” will benefit from our advices and evaluations. A “work in progress” will encase the course, eventually leading to a final, public performance.

A certificate of “Actor-creator of the stages of the world” will be awarded at the end of the course, attesting the constancy and quality of the participation in the course.

We will accept inscriptions from individuals and scholarship holders from all countries.

In order to get an estimate of the cost of a course in the preferred period, please contact us at, indicating the chosen period. We will then proceed to set a training agreement.