Singing and acting - Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowsky and Thomas Richards

June 21 - July 2, 2021

⚠ Full. The waiting list is open.

Directed by Thomas Richards, with the help of members of his team

This program will offer a unique opportunity for the interested actors, stage directors and performers to deepen and develop their practical knowledge of performing arts. This two weeks’ intensive program will help to unearth the creative potential of each participant by working on the relations between precision and organicity, tradition and individual work, drama and ritual. It will also focus on the abilities of stage directing, mounting techniques and dramaturgy’s elaboration.

The technical aspects that will be rigorously trained are:

  • Creation of the partition: its logic, actions, intentions, sense and content
  • Singing and vibrations of the voice
  • Consciousness of the space and reactions to its inner elements
  • Improvisation: the impulsion and the alert spirit
  • Establishment of the physical actions

The work on the acting propositions

The student will discover his own creative journey by working on “acting propositions”. The attention will be given to the elaboration of the structure, the composition and the dramaturgy, and also to the creation of a detailed partition of actions. The creation can include writing, researching for texts and songs, and the discovery of fundamentals aspects of staging and mounting.

Singing’s sessions

The workshop will focus on a practical work on songs from the African and Afro-Caribbean tradition. The workshop will approach singing through action, association, intention and contact. The work on songs is an exploration of the potential impact that its rhythmic and melodic qualities can have on the people who sing.


600 € (individuals) / 1200 € (organisms)

Thomas Richards

Thomas Richards


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