Shime Shigeyama

Shime Shigeyama was born in Kyoto in 1947. In 1976, he created the « Hanagata association », which contributes to the culture and to the rediscovery of parts fallen into oblivion, and continues his creative work with the development of new parts of kyogen. Having himself started at the age of four, he also runs a school that teaches children kyogen. In 1992, he became at the age of 45 years old « Important Cultural good alive » and the following year he received the prize of the City of Tokyo for all of his work.

In 1995, he took the name of his father and became Shime of the 2nd generation. Since the mid 80s, he continues a very important world activity, especially in the US where he stays regularly. He was invited to France in November 1997 by the Festival d’Automne in Paris, then in ARTA, where he regularly gives master classes for the professional actors. Scheduled for the second time at the House of Culture of Japan in Paris, Shime Shigeyama plays a very important role in the dissemination of Kyogen in the West. In 2005, accompanied by his two son Motohiko and Ippei, Shime Shigeyama presented the MCJP three Kyogen: a part of the traditional repertoire, modern piece inspired by a piece of contemporary playwright Tadasu Iiizawa and a creation adapted from Ubu Roi Alfred Jarry.