Pei Yan Ling

Born in 1947 in Hebei Province, north of Beijing, Pei Yan ling comes from a traditional theater artistic family. Child, she accompanied her parents on their tours, crossing cities and campaigns and assists from backstage at every performance. While being corrected by her father, she learns and stores all parts: movement, music and songs. This will allow her to successfully replace, at the age of five years old, an actor stricken with acute appendicitis. After specializing in the male characters, especially the fighters warriors, which is very rare for a woman, she leads a troop. Thanks to her, the opera of Hebei, which ended up falling into disuse, will acquire a nouvellevitalité. Indeed, Pei Yanling has rediscovered the purity of her art by dusting tradition. Because it is convinced that the traditional theater artists must continue to be educated to avoid being reduced to entertainers or acrobats.