Nomura Mansai

Mansai Nomura is the son of the great Mansaku Nomura son and grandson of Manzo Nomura, « Living National Treasure » in Japan. Mansai Nomura thus comes from a family of actors whose lineage goes back to the origins of Noh, under the auspices of the samurai government Ashikaga Bakufu in the XV-XVI century. Mansai Nomura has also studied and worked abroad, including the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is also a popular film and television actor. His performance at the age of nineteen years old in Tsurumaru Ran role of blind young prince that became a Buddhist hermit and musician, beautiful movie of Akira Kurosawa proved it. Since then Mansai Nomura was headlining films such as Onmyouji of Yôjirô Takita. Mansai is since 2002 artistic director of the Setagaya Public Theatre in Tokyo. While focusing on expanding both in Japan and abroad, dissemination of Kyogen directory is working to create a new form of Japanese art scene through the « fusion of traditional and contemporary « .