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Maud Robart was born in Haiti, an island steeped in the influence of a double culture: on one side, Francophone culture, and on the other, popular traditional African culture. In the seventies, she was co-founder of the artistic movement « Saint Soleil » by André Malraux described as « the most striking experience » Through this experience, the artist did not hesitate to cross the borders of the voodoo tradition, since she was exploring the relationship between rupture and continuity in a search for  » free « source of creativity, research is not a « vain game » but an act of offer to the creator. After his collaboration with Jerzy Grotowski from 1977 to 1993, Maud Robart continues its exploration route with the awareness of the ferryman, « solidarity with other smugglers, living or dead, in the service of a cause that all beyond the individualities also crosses times and spaces. » Convinced of the need to associate the thought power of intuition and feeling, Maud Robart ‘invites you to discover another mode of mental functioning, transparent, clear, silent, through a mechanism of action of the released predominant influence of the discriminator reasoning, and using the resources of the body, sensitivity, intuition, imagination, the analog spirit … « And that makes her a very fine intelligent women, capable of broad vision, characterized by a sense « religious » in the etymological sense of religare, “connect, join.”
Transparency of this feeling involved, too, the look she turns on the Arkhe singing, original matrix. The rigor and accuracy with which Maud Robart work in artistic exploration to make them aware of its own operating mechanisms and move forward in the knowledge of self. To quote Jerzy Grotowsky « Every precise and concrete work, but really precise and concrete, can be the vehicle of a personal technique. » From the forthcoming book of Luisa Tinti: Maud Robart’s search, the archaic horizon and timeless integrated song. The precise approach to work is based on the practice of songs whose formal characteristics are governed by the repetitive mode. The intention is to allow active members to seek the conjunction between the objective structure of elements fixed by tradition (Afro-Haitian ritual songs) and spontaneity factor specific to each artist. She commits what is personal: the intimate reactions of the artist, his motivations, his memory. The working process is built through listening, adapting to others and the space through the attention paid to the melodic precision, rhythm of these songs, as well as the finer inner perceptions of singer . Accuracy / spontaneity is the type of relationship that is at work in the organic process these songs tend to mobilize.