Girdhari Mahraj

Guru Maharaj Girdhari is the father and master of Kamal Kant. The term “Maharaj” is a title that means that its wearer is « king » in his discipline. It has the privilege to give performances at the royal court of Jaipur, which made him a highly respected figure and a guarantor of the secular tradition. His reputation also extends beyond the borders of Rajasthan, and many students come from all India to receive his teaching. He is also recognized worldwide as one of the best representatives of this art. He also managed to adapt to the times and participated in many contemporary choreography. He taught for sixteen years in the Rajasthan Sangeet Sansthan (Jaipur University of Arts). In the same way that his father Pandit Lakshmi Narayana Maharaj has done with him, he passed on his knowledge to his four children. He even broke the conventions and taught his art to his eldest daughter, Vandana, who is now a dance teacher in a royal school of Jaipur. His three other children, Kamal Kaushal and Keshav, all started their learning very young at the age of 4 years old, under the direction of their father. Beyond this teaching, everyone could follow his path. Thus, Kaushal started tabla, traditional percussion of India, he accompanied various classical formations. Keshav and Kamal, meanwhile, continue to dance, following the tradition of their father.