Brigitte Chataignier

In 1986, Brigitte Chataignier discovered with passion this style “Mohiniyattam” almost disappeared in the early twentieth century and studied for seven years in India with several Masters – Kalamandalam Leelamma, Kalamandalam Kshemavathy, Sri Devi Rajan – which she remains bound. She founded in 1995 the Prana Company. Since then, she divided her time between India and France. Recognized in her country as in India, she is among the few artists to master Mohiniattam: such as dance accompanied by musicians on the French scenes (City Theatre, La Villette, Musee Guimet …) but also in Kerala temples and at prestigious Indian festivals. Alongside research and contemporary artistic practice, it continues to seek to publicize the Mohiniattam, working for its development and fulfillment. In 2011, she receives assistance in search and dance heritage of the CND to conduct a comprehensive study of the Mohiniattam in tandem with Brigitte Prost.