Masterclass in Acting based on the Stanislavski System & the Method

June 7-18, 2021

Masterclass directed by Andreas Manolikakis (Actors Studio Drama School)

Authors : Anton Tchekhov – Tennessee Williams – Arthur Miller
Themes : Desire – Betrayal – Loss

Price : 600€ (individuals), 1200€ (organisms)

The Master Class is based on the work of Konstantin Stanislavski, Evgeny Vakhtangov, Lee Strasberg and Elia Kazan.

A fundamental principle of the Stanislavski System and the Actors Studio Method is to help actors to discover, liberate, and disclose their individual expression. This requires a special training that will allow the actors to get in touch with their personal internal truth.
The actors will learn how to analyze a text, how to be in control of their entire acting instrument, how to make strong choices, and how to create moment-to-moment logical, justified, and deeply personal behavior, in order not to play themselves on the stage, but from themselves to play the character that was written by the playwright.
The three selected playwrights have been intimately associated with this approach to acting.

Andreas Manolikakis

Short biography

Andreas Manolikakis is a Lifetime Member and a member of the Board of Directors of the Actors Studio. He was Chairman of the Actors Studio Drama School (Master of Fine Arts) Program at Pace University in New York City, where he taught acting and directing until June 2020. He has taught workshops in acting, directing and script analysis in New York, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Bucharest, Sibiu (Romania), Athens, Chania, Nafplio and Thessaloniki. He has translated into Greek the book Vakhtangov’s School Of Stage Art by Nikolai Gorchakov, which was published in Athens in 1997. As a director and actor has worked in the U.S. and Europe (on Broadway, at the Actors Studio, the National Theatre of East Paris and elsewhere). Andreas Manolikakis is included in the Marquis Who’s Who biographical directories for his contribution to education.

“Andreas Manolikakis understands the work of Stanislavsky and Vakhtangov better than any teacher or interpreter since Lee Strasberg was teaching at the Actors Studio.”
—Ellen Burstyn, President of the Actors Studio, Oscar and Tony-winning actress

“Andreas Manolikakis is one of the most insightful and gifted members of Actors Studio”.
— Arthur Penn, former President of the Actors Studio, Tony-winning and three times Oscar award nominee

Andreas Manolikakis

What is the pedagogical goals of this Master Class?

This Master Class is based on the Stanislavsky System and the Actors Studio Method with emphasis on the work of Vakhtangov. A fundamental principle of the Stanislavski System and the work of the Actors Studio is to help the artists to discover, liberate, and disclose their individual expression.
Through this kind of intense and intimate training the artists develop their unique artistic voices and learn to express themselves in the most personal and profound way, no matter how diverse the style of production.

What is the content of this Master Class?

The content includes:

  • Overview of the Stanislavsky System and the Method:
    Through this detailed overview, from its roots in the Ancient Greece until today, the artists get a solid theoretical perspective of this kind of training and understand the importance and need for it.
  • Script Analysis on Classic and contemporary plays:
    This process helps the artist discover the content of the playwright’s text (events, relationships, given circumstances, objectives, actions, and every other element) in order to make the most personal and dramatic choices.
  • Sense Memory exercises:
    This process helps to make the qualities of all the elements on the stage more alive and vivid. It sensitizes the artist’s instrument by getting in touch with his personal material. It is a technique that allow the artist to believe what the character believes. In addition, it trains the artist’s concentration.
  • Work on Scenes or Monologues:
    Through the work on scenes or monologues the artists learns how to be truthful and real on the stage and how to use their unique individual expression in order not to play themselves on the stage but to portray the character that the playwright has written.

What is the daily planning?

The content of each day is:

  • Sensory exercise.

  • Work on monologues.

  • Script analysis (not every day, but sporadically through-out the master Class)


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